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Bringing the Waste Collection Industry Into the Digital Future

The Problem

The world is currently faced with an extremely large waste generation problem that is increasing at an alarming rate. This has sparked regulation and investment aimed at reducing waste, but the waste collection industry as it stands right now is quite opaque. This means that there is no way to determine the effectiveness of waste reduction strategies, no insight into where the problem areas are, and no way to introduce incentives.

Our Solution

We create IoT connected devices aimed at making waste collection more transparent. The data provided helps haulers better support their municipal customers that are demanding more refined data to track and reduce their waste.


Our team is made up of engineers, designers, and specialists with strong focus in IoT and robotics development and deep experience in the waste collection industry. Through hundreds of conversations, failed pilot deployments, and riding around in trash trucks, we have built a strong foundational understanding of the pain points facing the industry today. We are driven to use our skills and expertise to enact lasting change and bring about a cleaner more sustainable future.
Co-Founders Andrew Murray and Nick Balboni

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