Start minimizing your waste footprint today for a cleaner tomorrow.

Join the movement to curb waste generation in the United States. SmartCan empowers communities with vital data for impactful change.

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The Benefits of Using SmartCan

Collect Accurate Data

Harness the power of real-time data from SmartCan to drive efficient waste reduction programs at significantly lower costs. Say goodbye to manual waste audits, save money, and achieve more accurate results.

Generate Comparisons

In the energy sector, energy use comparisons have proven effective in curbing household energy consumption. Now, empower your constituents to moderate their own trash output by providing them with the data they need to make a tangible impact.

Save Money on Tipping Fees

Beyond preserving landfill space, reducing waste translates into cost savings for you. With tipping fees on the rise, take action now to minimize waste and yield long-term financial benefits.

Embrace the power of real-time tracking, delivering valuable data to benefit both your operations and your customers.

SmartCan periodically weighs the attached bin's contents, automatically transferring the data to the cloud.

Lightweight and non-itrusive design

SmartCan has been thoughtfully engineered to ensure it remains easy to take the trash out. Its lightweight and non-intrusive design enable effortless bin handling while preserving the movement of the wheels.

Receive data seamlessly from haulers.

With SmartCan, you gain access to critical data that empowers you to make a tangible difference in your waste output. Contact us today to discover more about our beta pilot, the success stories from our previous deployments, and how to get started.

It's time to take decisive action to address the pressing trash issue in the United States.

Nationwide spend on unexpected waste disposal costs.
Disposal Cost Inflation/Yr
Estimated Cost Saved on Waste Audits
Decrease in Waste Output

SmartCan gives you the information you need to reduce waste generation at every level.

Start leveraging high-resolution data to gain crucial insights into your waste generation.

Frequently asked questions

How does using SmartCan reduce waste, specifically?

On an micro level, SmartCan makes it easy for individuals to self-monitor their own trash output. In the energy sector, generation comparisons have proven effective in reducing consumption. Similar strategies can be applied in order to reduce waste generation. At a systemic level, SmartCan helps you conduct accurate waste audits. Get the data you need to execute actionable change!

What makes SmartCan unique?

SmartCan is unique when compared to other sensors in the market because it measures a bin’s weight, rather than its volume. Tipping fees are based on weight, making it a much more valuable tool for estimating how much waste you are sending to the landfill. Another unique factor of SmartCan is the unprecedented accuracy of the data it provides. By measuring the individual bin, our device collects data at a higher resolution than any other solution on the market.

How do I get SmartCan?

SmartCan is currently in its beta pilot. Please reach out to learn more about our current operations and expected launch date.