Win more contracts.

SmartCan helps you provide your customers with the waste insights they need.

Current customers include:

The Benefits of Using SmartCan

Maintain your Current Contracts

Say goodbye to guesswork and hello to SmartCan. Its reliable and ongoing data on your trash will ensure you meet the demands of your current contracts, keeping your customer relationships strong.

Earn Additional Contracts

Stay ahead of the curve in waste management with SmartCan's cutting-edge data-gathering capabilities. Give yourself the upper hand over the competition and win more contracts by harnessing the potential of SmartCan.

Increase Your Margins

Leverage the power of SmartCan to enrich your contracts with a premium service, allowing you to increase your rates. Divide the costs with your customers and witness a boost in profit margins.

Embrace the power of real-time tracking, delivering valuable data to benefit both your operations and your customers.

SmartCan ensures periodic weighing of the attached bin's contents, automatically transferring the data to the cloud.

Designed with haulers' comfort in mind, SmartCan seamlessly integrates into your bin handling routine.

Its lightweight and secure construction, coupled with a pass-through slot, allows handlers to effortlessly interface with the bin without any impediment.

Share data seamlessly with customers.

With SmartCan, you can finally provide your customers with the data they've been eagerly requesting. Reach out to us for more information about how you can get involved!

SmartCan can help you maintain your current customer base, and secure new contracts.

Yearly Revenue/Contract
3-8 Years
Average Contract Length
MSW Bids Lost Each Year
Customer Churn

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Frequently asked questions

How will using SmartCan increase my revenue?

SmartCan brings you an excellent chance to boost your overall revenue, from top to bottom. By adopting SmartCan, you can keep your existing contracts intact and win new ones, giving a solid boost to your bottom line. And here's the kicker: you can share the costs of SmartCan with your customers. Many of them are more than willing to pay for this top-notch service, paving the way for a significant opportunity to increase your profit margins. Earning more is all about working smarter, and SmartCan helps you do just that.

How will using SmartCan win me more contracts?

All across the United States, landfill space is filling up fast. Municipalities nationwide are on the lookout for effective ways to cut down on waste production. But let's face it, without solid, easy-to-collect data, their efforts are often ineffective. That's where SmartCan comes in. There's a huge demand in the market for a device like SmartCan, and being able to offer this service to your customers gives you a unique edge over the competition.

What makes SmartCan unique?

Our patent-pending technology stands out from other sensors on the market because it focuses on measuring the weight of a bin, not just its volume. Weight can play a key role in route planning, making SmartCan a more valuable choice compared to volumetric sensors. What's more, by using weight, your customers can accurately evaluate their waste production, helping them manage their operations and meet their goals.

How can SmartCan improve our collection capabilities?

SmartCan is your go-to tool for leveling up your routing abilities. With its actionable data, you can save precious time and hard-earned cash. Picture this: real-time access to all the info you need to plan your routes like a pro. No more unnecessary trips to landfills and transfer stations, just smooth and efficient operations. Get ready to work smarter, cut costs, and make every minute count with SmartCan in your corner.